Save Bayshore From Mosquitos

Michelle McLeod

As I’ve walked your neighborhood, going door to door to hear from you, one of the top complaints shared has been how bad the mosquitos are. I know this to be true as I have had to spray deet on myself to bear being outdoors in Bayshore.

Unfortunately, your current commissioner Penny Taylor, was the lone vote against the expansion of Mosquito Control’s boundaries surrounding your neighborhood.    This is while the West Nile virus has been testing positively in most of the District’s mosquito traps.  Thankfully, the other county commissioners voted yes on the expansion to move this initiative forward.

The next step needed to expand the District’s boundaries is to go to the county’s delegation hearing in December.

The Delegation members are Representative Lauren Melo, Representative Bob Rommel, Representative Ana Maria Rodriguez, and Senator Kathleen Passidomo.

With your help, we can get this done.

Our plan of action:

  • Unite as a community to let the Delegation members know the importance of the passing of this bill.
  • Fill out the form below to join the effort.

I’m willing to carry the ball to the finish line, meet with legislators and get this bill passed. With your help, we can improve the quality of life and public health in Bayshore.

Michelle McLeod

View Expansion Plan Here

Fill out my online form.
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  1. Laurie Ann Rowley
    Laurie Ann Rowley says:

    There are hardly any mosquitos where I live in Sandpiper Bay. AND I live on Halderman creek and worry that too many pesticides are being used too close to the water. Fish and Crabs and all the critters suffer with too many pesticides.

    If the pesticides prove SAFE to all Humans, Pets, Wildlife an Fish. I would agree to having the minimum sprayed. I am hoping you can show with Mosquito traps where spraying is needed. Not just people complaining and wanting spraying


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