Penny Taylor’s Voting Record on Protecting Our Beaches

By Scott Schultz

In trying to work with Commissioner Penny Taylor on the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to protect our entire Naples/Collier County coastline, it was clear that her mental and political flip-flopping was dependent on whom she was speaking to on the Army Corps’ debacle. I observed that Professional Politician Taylor is more concerned about her career than implementing programs that are best for our citizens.

Taylor being in favor of the Army Corps’ “sea wall”, before she flip-flopped to being against it reminds me of John Kerry’s presidential campaign line, “I was for it, before I was against it”. This is not the type of experience we want representing us any longer.

What’s the Solution?

Local politics isn’t meant to be a career. Let’s cut our losses on Taylor and get new eyes, less political eyes, working for us. That is why I am voting for Michelle McLeod for County Commissioner, District 4. She is fair, open minded, and stands for our values of protecting our lovely beaches, sea turtle nesting areas, and beach renourishment efforts.

About Scott Schultz
Scott Schultz is a Naples Cay resident, former US Congressional Nominee, and former #1 ranked Separate Account Manager ranked by ‘Morningstar’ Principal for Separately Managed Accounts’, ‘USA TODAY’, Thompson PLC,