Cultural Arts Center on Bayshore?

Michelle McLeod – Walking the streets in Bayshore to find their needs and desires for better government services.

17 Acre Parcel of Undeveloped Land Available

As I’ve been going door to door and attending the Bayshore CRA Advisory Board meetings for the last several months, I have found that the Bayshore community still has a strong desire to have a cultural and performing arts center on the 17 acres of undeveloped land owned by the CRA in the district.

At the September 14 county commissioners’ meeting, an unsolicited offer of $2.5 million was presented for the 17 acre parcel. Talk of putting the property up for sale was discussed but concluded with the county commissioners asking the Bayshore CRA Advisory Board to make a recommendation at their next CRA meeting as to what direction to take with the 17 acres.

A Move Into Action

Realizing this time sensitive opportunity, I jumped into action and started making numerous phone calls, arranging meetings and connecting an established arts organization with the CRA Advisory Board members to consider a new plan for a cultural and performing arts center nestled within a park setting.

If the CRA Advisory Board accepts and recommends the suggested plans for this parcel, Bayshore may finally get their wish of a cultural and performing arts center on the 17 acre parcel.

The Bayshore CRA Advisory Board members will hear these plans, as a board, at the Bayshore CRA meeting on Tuesday, October 5 at 6:00 pm in the Collier County Commission Chambers to make a recommendation to the County Commissioners on the plans for this parcel. Please attend this next meeting and sign up for public comment to share your hopes and desires for this last remaining gem in Bayshore.


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  1. Paul Gower
    Paul Gower says:

    The center would be just that the center, a hub which could/should create a place for a more cohesive effort for promoting the arts AND the artist. The community itself has a wealth and diverse pool of creativity to offer the greater Naples and Collier County community. The focus of a center on Bayshore must draw from the diverse groups of peoples and cultures that flourish and are the backbone of this unique community. inherent in it’s past and present.


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