Bud Horenci, Marbella Lakes Endorses McLeod

Dear Collier County District 4 Voters: I am writing to share my endorsement of Michelle McLeod as our next County Commissioner.

Michelle is the most qualified, knowledgeable and empathetic candidate to step forward, with the intent of actually improving our way of life. She is indebted to no one but the voters and will introduce a thoughtful, conservative approach to the over development of our beautiful county, to the wasteful spending on unnecessary or unneeded projects, to the government involvement beyond what government should be doing, and to resident representation.

All these things are currently lacking and are responsible for the decline in the quality of life we enjoyed just a few years ago.

Please access Michelle’s web site, www.mcleodforcommissioner.com, for details and specifics.

Thank you,
Bud Horenci, Marbella Lakes