Brookside Community Bands together

The Brookside community has been taking their concerns to the Collier Commissioners and set up a petition based on the information in the Naples Daily News story below.

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Brookside neighborhood inhabitants off Davis Boulevard might feel like they’re under assault by land, sea and air.

First, they were part of a Collier County Commission discussion about two months ago on reverberations related to Naples Airport, about 1,750 feet away. And there may be more at an 8:30 a.m. Sept. 12 joint meeting between the Naples City Council and the Naples Airport Authority, which has been conducting a noise study.

In June, their commissioner, Penny Taylor, then shared their concerns about a couple of their roads in a few months getting torn up for storm water improvements. Out of that, denizens will now also get a sidewalk, and the county aims to work with agencies, like Florida Power & Light Company, to see if other utilities can be relocated since the streets will be cracked open.

And this past week, resident Aimee Eckenrode brought up to us the proposed expansion of the adjacent Brookside Marina, which has been operating in some form since the 1970s.

“This will allow more boat slips for Freedom Boat” Club, said Eckenrode, part of her frustration stemming from too many wannabe captains disregarding wake zones intended to protect wildlife and waterside properties. “Our ecosystem is in serious danger. Please help our small important community by shedding light on this current situation.”

The off-and-on plan that has called for up to 100 or so additional slips actually goes back at least three years as it has meandered through the Collier County process streams and at times idled.

Even the word “additional” is up for debate, based on a deep dive through hundreds of pages of public records. With dozens of dry slips, the site has 39 wet slips. A previous owner removed close to 100 of the latter in the past, and Naples Marina Holdings now terms it a “re-install” to allow for more recreational rentals by outfits like Freedom.

‘Dangerous conditions’ in Rock Creek

While at least some initial consideration by boards is weeks away, one piece of this motored before the County Commission in July: The zooming watercrafts.

And who floated it? Taylor. after homeowners and representatives for the holdings group themselves brought it to her attention and that of the staff.