Water Quality

As a native Floridian and avid outdoors person, water quality has always been top of mind to me.  I grew up on the water… swimming, boating and skiing.  I want all to enjoy the wonders and beauty of our waterways.   That is why I support the acceleration of water quality initiatives that keep pollutants from entering our waterways.  Initiatives such as:

  • Funding of septic to sewer projects
  • Diverting fresh water from the Golden Gate canal away from Naples Bay which affects its proper salinity levels,
  • Planting drought resistant plants and trees to save on water and reduce runoff
  • Storm water improvement projects and updating land codes to reduce runoff

One such initiative I personally brought to the City of Naples was through the introduction of the BioGrow product that was the first ever organic, completely natural fertilizer that has been used in the city since 2018.

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