A Snapshot of Penny Taylor’s Voting Record

Top 10 Decisions That Affect the Lives of County Residents in District 4

          1. Growth
            Penny Taylor voted for the “Triangle” project at Davis Boulevard and US 41 of three – 15 story buildings with up to 491 units and approved giving the developer $5 million of tax dollars for the project.
          2. Economic Development
            Penny Taylor approved a subsidy of $15 million to the Great Wolf Lodge which brings low wage jobs to our area and exacerbates our affordable housing problems.
          3. Water – Naples Bay.
            Penny Taylor has been complacent in moving forward the Belle Meade project which will improve the health of the Gordon River and Naples Bay.
          4. Roads
            Penny Taylor voted to redirected road impact fees to fund the Paradise Coast Sports Complex which is currently $67 million over budget.
          5. Beach Renourishment
            Penny Taylor voted to redirected beach renourishment dollars to fund the Paradise Coast Sports Complex which is currently $67 million over budget.
          6. Tourist Tax
            Penny Taylor voted to hire an arts & culture manager at $90,0000 to implement the County’s Arts and Culture Strategic Plan when the county’s Convention & Visitors Bureau already has an arts position that can assume these responsibilities.
          7. Mask Mandate
            Penny Taylor voted to mandate the wearing of masks.
          8. Beach Access
            Penny Taylor voted to close county beaches during the pandemic.
          9. Business Shutdowns
            Penny Taylor voted to close our businesses during the pandemic.
          10. Paramedics and Advanced Life Support Services
            Penny Taylor has denied the request of giving the city its own COPCN (Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity.)

You Deserve Better – Vote for Michelle McLeod

Is Your Commissioner Making the Grade?

These were Penny Taylor’s Top 3 Stated Priorities

You deserve better! – Vote for Michelle McLeod

As a native of this area, I bring a unique historic perspective to the table as well as in-depth knowledge of city and county issues. In addition to decades of business experience in banking and hospitality, I have a graduate degree with a concentration in finance.

I also served on Naples City Council, leading three significant landmark projects that benefit all Collier County residents (all three projects were started and completed under budget within my 4-year term):

  • Design and construction of Baker Park
  • Reconstruction of the Naples City Dock
  • Construction of the Naples’s Emergency Operations Center

As county commissioner, my top three priorities will be to:

  • Stop excessive spending on projects like the Paradise Coast Sports Complex (currently $67 million over budget).
  • Stop subsidizing companies that bring low wage jobs which only exacerbates our affordable housing problems.
  • Support smart growth policies to avoid further urban sprawl and negative impacts on the environment.

I have the background, education, and the experience to be your next county commissioner and I ask for your vote on August 23.

Michelle is endorsed by

  • Naples Better Government
  • Naples Area Board of Realtors
  • Professional Firefighters of Naples Local 2174

Bud Horenci, Marbella Lakes Endorses McLeod

Dear Collier County District 4 Voters: I am writing to share my endorsement of Michelle McLeod as our next County Commissioner.

Michelle is the most qualified, knowledgeable and empathetic candidate to step forward, with the intent of actually improving our way of life. She is indebted to no one but the voters and will introduce a thoughtful, conservative approach to the over development of our beautiful county, to the wasteful spending on unnecessary or unneeded projects, to the government involvement beyond what government should be doing, and to resident representation.

All these things are currently lacking and are responsible for the decline in the quality of life we enjoyed just a few years ago.

Please access Michelle’s web site, www.mcleodforcommissioner.com, for details and specifics.

Thank you,
Bud Horenci, Marbella Lakes

Naples Better Government Endorses Michelle McLeod

Naples Better Government proudly endorses two long-time Collier County residents for Collier County Commissioner. The candidates’ positions on affordable housing, growth, economic development, public safety, water quality, environment, mental health, fiscal policy, and complemented by strong records of community activism were key reasons the NBG Board makes these recommendations.

In Commission District Four, Naples Better Government recommends Michelle McLeod. Michelle served on the Naples City Council from 2016 to 2020 where she was instrumental with the development of Baker Park, the City Dock, and the City Emergency Operations Center. Her experience includes the Collier County Community Land Trust, Leadership Collier, Leadership Florida, Collier Coalition for Healthy Minds, and Naples Pathway Coalition. Her background is hotel management and banking. Michelle earned a bachelor’s degree from Saint Mary’s College and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Florida Gulf Coast University.

All candidates running for Districts 2 and 4 seats on the Board of County Commissioners were invited to participate in the pre-endorsement candidate interviews on June 29. Interviewed were candidates Reg Buxton, Chris Hall, Gerald Lefebvre, Nancy Lewis, Daniel Kowal, Michelle McLeod and Penny Taylor.

The Naples Better Government Committee is a nonpartisan political committee founded in 1990 whose purpose is to promote better government in the City of Naples and Collier County Florida.

Submitted by Dennis Sanders, Vice President

Naples Better Government

Lisa Morton, Resident of Coconut River Estates Supports McLeod

Michelle has taken the time to get to know many people in our small and sometimes forgotten community of Coconut River Estates.

She’s done her homework, attended our meetings and we feel like she understands our needs and will be a good advocate for us and our area.

I feel that Michelle has the energy, enthusiasm and experience to lead us on the path towards improving our way of life in Collier County.

Thank you,

Lisa Morton





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Hans Johnson, Resident of Riviera Golf Estates for McLeod

Letter to the Editor published July 2, 2022, Naples Daily News.

Michelle McLeod was interested in our neighborhood of Riviera Golf Estates when others were not.

She was the only candidate who took to the time to visit us. Michelle learned firsthand about the threats we face here by the potential development of the Riviera Golf Club. Those are the kind of qualities I am looking for in a county commissioner. I’ll be voting for Michelle for District 4 county commissioner and I encourage you to do the same.

Hans Johnson, Naples

Naples Area Board of Realtors Endorse Michelle McLeod for Commissioner

Dear Michelle,

It is with pleasure that the Naples Area Board of REALTORS advises you that you have been recommended by the BOARD for election to the office of Collier county Commissioner District 4.

You rated the highest among all candidates for this position during the recent candidate screening sessions.

We are asking that you attend our next Government Issues Meeting at 4:00 on Monday July 25th in the Board of Directors Room at our main campus to meet and hear from our members. We hope you are able to attend.

We wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you and wish you success in this fall’s election.


Danielle Brazil Hudson, MA | Vice President of Public Policy
Naples Area Board of REALTORS® | 1455 Pine Ridge Road | Naples, FL 34109

Maurice Gutierrez, Resident of Bayshore for McLeod

Michelle, it is really amazing how your involvement in such a short time has put our community’s vision back on track.

I can say that everyone in Bayshore knows about you and are behind your efforts.

Thank you for immersing yourself into our community.

Joseph Rodriguez, Resident of Marbella Lakes Endorses McLeod for Commissioner

Michelle recently paid an impromptu, unaccompanied visit to our community, where she met and spoke with random residents about their various neighborhood and countywide concerns.

Michelle demonstrated wide-ranging knowledge of the issues raised as well as a passion to serve effectively and meet the expectations of constituents.

Michelle’s genuine sincerity, respect, and modesty resonated very well with everyone that she met, and she deservedly gained their support. This was an unprecedented request that I was eager to accommodate, whereas no one else has ever taken that level of interest to understand the circumstances firsthand.

Anthony Cantasano, Resident of Isle of Collier Endorses McLeod for Commissioner

It is refreshing to see someone follow through to help us with our community’s desires. You’ve been a big help in understanding the MSTU process. Keep up the good work.